The Process

Kiln-formed Art Glass – involves fusing glass of various shapes, in multiple layers, in a computer-controlled glass kiln.  Fired at temperatures up to 1700 F, each art glass piece is fired to a temperature in excess of 12 hours and, depending on the complexity of the piece, may be fired 5-6 times before completion!   Using compatible glass, traditional tools and artistic vision, the artist can shape the piece either before it is placed into the kiln or between firings.  Annealing, or slow cooling of the fired glass piece is achieved by slowly cooling of the piece via the computer-controlled kiln.  Without proper annealing, the glass is brittle and easily breakable.  This general process is the common denominator throughout most of the glass art and jewelry crafted by the Kessler Craftsman.


Enameling – involves painting or otherwise applying fine glass powder onto copper, fine silver or directly onto glass and then heating in a kiln so that the glass powder becomes liquid and adheres to the material underneath it.


Frit-Painting – “Frit” or various sizes of glass powder (from uber-fine powder to mosaic-sized chunks) are placed on top of a sheet of glass in a pattern and then fired per the above.  The Kessler Craftsman often combines an enameled outline with various colors of frit for color or texture.

About Kessler Craftsman

Larry Pile, known as the Kessler Craftsman, is based in Dallas, Texas in the Kessler Park historical neighborhood, adjacent to the famous Bishop Arts District.


Since boyhood, Larry has been interested in the expressive arts in multiple different media. Rooted in classical technique, where such technique exists, he utilizes traditional concepts and materials, melding them with modern and innovative materials and techniques to create fresh, invigorating, and often colorful, work....[read more]

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